Jack Rupp - Owner/ Sales

Jack Rupp

Owner/ Sales
Phone: 305-238-1386 Ext 201
SeaPower was started over 20 years ago behind my parents house along side a freshwater lake in Miami. I started by servicing my neighbors boats and word quickly spread that I was knowledgeable, reliable and most important, honest. Needless to say, my business quickly grew. I had boats lined up and down my street. This is when I moved to Tamiami Airport area and SeaPower was incorporated. Today, many if not all of my original customers are still relying on me to keep their boats running in tip top shape. The integrity that helped me succeed in those early years is still the same today. We now have many years under our belt and look forward to many more. Technology may change but our way of doing business will remain the same... We are committed to our customers for life !! If ever you are not 100% satisfied at SeaPower feel free to contact me direct at or by phone 305-238-1386 ext 201
Dawn Thomas - Office Manager

Dawn Thomas

Office Manager
Phone: 305-238-1386 Ext 203
Raul Perez - Service Manager

Raul Perez

Service Manager
Phone: 305-238-1386 Ext 204
My responsibility’s at SeaPower are beyond just a service advisor job here. I’m committed to making sure your boat is repaired at the highest level. We have a process here and it is up to me to keep your boat on track.
Alex Lanio - Parts Manager

Alex Lanio

Parts Manager
Phone: 305-238-1386 Ext 202
I am fairly new to the marine business but have had a passion for boating since I was a kid. I originally was a customer of SeaPower's and asked Jack for a job a few times. When a position opened he contacted me and I was hired. I have learned tons and still growing everyday.
Mauricio Bonilla - Senior Technician

Mauricio Bonilla

Senior Technician
Phone: 305-238-1386
I’m the senior technician here at SeaPower and have worked on all the engine brands in today’s market. I started out working as a boat washer in 1979 and worked my way up from there. Keeping up with all the changes has been a continued learning process.
David Hidalgo - Technician / Repower Specialist

David Hidalgo

Technician / Repower Specialist
Phone: 305-238-1386
I started in the marine business 17 years ago and never looked back. I enjoy the challenges that each engine and boat bring. My passion is renewing the power. Taking off old engines and replacing them with today’s technology. If it is a 50hp or a 350hp my drive is the same. My goal is to make our clients boats the best they can be.
Anthony ( AKA YOGI ) Guerra - Helper 1

Anthony ( AKA YOGI ) Guerra

Helper 1
Phone: 305-238-1386
I am here to assist the technicians in many ways. I'm responsible for moving, washing and handling your boats while at SeaPower. I love the marine business and hope to grow with it.