Repower at SeaPower
13610 Southwest 142 Avenue
Miami, FL

Service Description

Repowering is exactly what it sounds like. Getting a new and better power source behind your boat. This cost-efficient option is a great alternative to purchasing a new boat or continuing expensive maintenance on an aging engine. There are many reasons that people choose to repower their boat. Buying a new boat may not be in your budget at the moment or you may simply want a better, more powerful or fuel efficient engine. Updating your boat with current engine technology will renew the boat you know and love.

We are repower specialist and pride ourselves on making the boat look like it has had the new power all a long. In some cases this requires new modern dash panels custom made for your boat.

Top Reasons to Repower at SeaPower

  • Competitive engine package prices
  • Most equipment in-stock
  • Factory trained installers
  • Orientation to product at pick up
  • Prompt turn around
  • Preferred service appointments in the future
  • Trade in and consignment programs for current engine ( S )